主要是使用四边形的话,可以方便施加一些算法,比如 说我们在进行环切或并排边时,它内部是这么样来找到循环边呢?也就是说它的算法是这么实现的呢?因为它是四边形,四边形是很容易找到它的对边的再通过对边,就很容易找到它的通道,这样就可以很快找到一排并排面,所以在寻找时就不会有什么歧义,如果是三角形,就没那么好找了。容易产生歧义。还是就是插值的时候,四边形可以通过环切的方式直接插什,而三角形且不能环切,只能用小刀工具裁切。




Hello everyone, when modeling blender, we will find that many people prefer to use quadrilaterals for modeling. We can also use triangles or polygons, but we prefer quadrilaterals. Why are quadrilaterals the best? If we mainly use quadrilaterals, we can easily apply some algorithms. For example, when we are performing circular cuts or side-by-side edges, how does it internally find the looped edges? That is to say, its algorithm is implemented like this? Because it is a quadrilateral, the quadrilateral is easy to find its opposite side, and then through the opposite side, it is easy to find its passage, so that a row of side-by-side faces can be quickly found, so there is no ambiguity when searching, If it is a triangle, it is not so easy to find. Ambiguity easily arises. In the case of interpolation, the quadrilateral can be directly inserted by the method of circular cutting, while the triangle cannot be circularly cut, and can only be cut with a knife tool.

Finally, the advantages of quadrilaterals are mainly as follows:

1. It is convenient to apply the algorithm.

2. Convenient interpolation